Bhutan Special Tours

Photograph & film tours
Spend your time capturing Bhutan on camera. From mountains, to animals, to fauna, to waterfalls, to people, to architecture, you will never tire of taking pictures or documenting life in Bhutan. If necessary, we will arrange all required permits and permission.

Walking tours

Though your main mode of transportation is vehicle, enjoy easy day walks in each location visiting the sights, local villages, and getting a closer look into everyday Bhutanese life.

Handicraft, weaving, and textile tours
Discover the ancient arts of Bhutan by visiting the handicraft and textile centers and visiting remote areas where the practices originated. If you like, instructional classes can be arranged so you can learn the art first hand.

Religious tours
Learn more about Buddhism through introductions by well-known Lamas and teachers, and by visiting the most important religious sights. Retreats can also be arranged for any level of practice.

Nature and wildlife tours
Discover the diverse flora, fauna, and wildlife Bhutan has to offer, from blooming rhododendrons, to the rare black necked crane, and maybe even the elusive Yeti.

Architecture tours
The unique architecture of Bhutan is evident throughout the country. Tour Dzongs, monasteries, and ancient homes to learn more about traditional building materials and practices.

Homestays and educational tours
Experience Bhutan in the very traditional sense by staying with local families and working side by side with them. Often designed for school groups, this provides a very insightful look into Bhutanese life and culture, and can be arranged to suit your specific interests.

Active adventures
Bhutan has many options for active adventures including trekking, mountain biking, motorcycle riding, golf, kayaking, and whitewater rafting. Let us know what your passion is.